Light Control and Privacy:

While light control and privacy needs can be quite different, often both can be met with the same product. What amount of light control and privacy do you need from your window coverings?


Special Shapes and Applications:

Do you have special, shaped windows (for example, arches, angles or circles), skylights or sliding glass doors that need to be covered? 

Operating Systems:

Hunter Douglas offers many options for making it easier and safer to operate your window coverings. What type of operating systems are you interested in? Standard, remote - control, child safety features. 

Energy Efficiency:

Will your window coverings be important in helping control your energy costs? 

UV Protection:

Is blocking ultraviolet light (to avoid fading of your home furnishings) important to you?

Top Down:

Are you interested in window coverings that stack to the bottoms allowing light and view through the top of your windows?


What functions are important to you? Filter/ block sun, insulate, provide privacy, enhance the view, provide UV protection for artwork/furnishings, accentuate the window’s size/shape, disguise the window’s size/shape, absorb noise, and ventilate.


Which direction does your window face?