We've all lived in a house with some awkward window shapes or have needed specific features such as room darkening. shades. Not to worry because we can help you find the perfect solution to all window covering dilemmas with the Hunter Douglas Collection. 

 #1. I need easy access to my patio doors.

Large Patio doors can be tricky to cover while still maintaining easy access to the outdoors. We have solutions with these three Hunter Douglas products.


-Palm Beach polysatin shutters come on a unique Bypass Track System, allowing classic white shutters to slide past each other for accessible doors.

- Alustra Duette honeycomb shades offers a clean-lined look with the Vertiglide feature, which eliminates cords, chains and wands. The Duolite shade uses two separate fabric panels for light and privacy control.

-Easily slide Skyline Gliding Window Panels across doors and customize the look with a huge selection of fabric styles. For a unified look, use the same fabric for your vertical shades.

#2. I have unusual window shapes.

Choose custom solutions to outfit windows of all shapes and sizes

-Alustra Silhouette window shadings perfectly fit into angled and curved window openings. With the Signature S-Vane, two sheer fabric layers gently filter light.

- Instead of outfitting a semicircle window with fabric and a rectangular window below it with shutters, get a cohesive look with Palm Beach polysatin shutters.

- Duette honeycomb shades offer a softer way to cover arched or angled windows. Crisp fabric pleats diffuse light and are available in a wide range of colours.

#3. I can’t reach the high windows in my home.

Use our new PowerView Motorization to open and close out of reach window shadings.

- Have a skylight letting in too much heat or light when you’re trying to rest? Duette honeycomb shades with the PowerRise lifting system are simple to open and close with a simple push of a button.

- Silhouette window shadings soften the light and add warmth to a contemporary room. For total control, use the PowerRise remote or wireless wall switch to close and open shades.

- Control exactly how much light enters your rooms throughout the day with Vignette Traditional shades. Use the PowerRise remote to open and close these clean-lined window shades.

#4. Harmful sunrays are damaging my furnishings.

Protect your furniture, artwork, rugs and accessories from fading.

 -Increase the lifespan of your possessions by blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays. Pirouette window shadings offer high UV protection. Soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing flatten to filter sunlight or open for a clear view to the outside.

#5. I need safe, durable window coverings for my kids and pets.

Look for features that are child and pet forendly, like hidden cords.

-In a child’s bedroom, the LiteRise system works perfectly — simply push up blinds to raise or pull down to close. Pair the system with EverWood Distinctions blinds for a selection of classic white finishes.

- Create a safer home with Silhouette window shadings and the LiteRise system. Its clean handles remove the need for messy cords.

- Vignette Tiered Architella shades have no exposed cords for a clean look that’s also child-friendly. Fabric ripples stack at the top of the window when open — simply push up shades with the LiteRise system. Pairing it with a no-fuss curtain treatment completes a room.

#6. My energy bills are too high.

Choose products designed to be eco-friendly.

-The innovative honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design of the Duette Architella Honeycomb shades reduces energy loss by up to 50 per cent at the window. Light filters through IllumiCell, a clear inner lining, defining the Batiste Textured fabric while providing energy savings.

#7. I need light in my room but require privacy.

Live close to neighbours? Create a scheduled space with window shadings.

- Get the look of elegant drapery but the function of a shade with Alustra Vignette Modern Roman shades. The fabric lets light in while offering privacy. Raise and lower shades from the top down or bottom up for the ultimate privacy control.

- Fully cover a window with Design Studio Roman shades and let in more or less light depending on your fabric choice. Optional opaque lining offers the most privacy and light control when the shades are open.

- Close shutters completely for privacy and open them for clear views to the outdoors. Palm Beach polysatin shutters work in any room, including bedrooms, and block virtually all light.

#8. My French doors are hard to cover.

Cover your entryways without sacrificing the look and style of your doors.

- For those with shutters elsewhere in their home, Palm Beach Lantana shutters for French doors provide a cohesive look. The panels can wrap around door handles without hindering access.

- The Tilt-Only Low-Profile hardware system available for Silhouette window shadings is 60 per cent smaller than the standard system when closed. These sleeker fixings let you open doors with ease.

- For a streamlined covering, choose a Designer Roller shades available in a range of traditional, natural and soft fabrics. The clean look lends itself well to rooms with multiple French doors.

#9. I’ve got awkward sidelights next to my front door.

Add privacy to narrow in entryways.

- Cordless top-down/bottom-up Duette honeycomb shades look tidy, as the sidelights don’t require cords. Fitted into the window recess, it provides a neat finish. Coordinate the fabric with other HunterDouglas window treatments for a cohesive look inside and out.

- Nantucket window shading’s sheer fabrics transform natural light into a warm glow. Easily raise the shades during the day and the shadings will disappear into the headrail. At night, lower for privacy.

#10. My bathroom window needs moisture resistant coverings.

Overcome humidity in bathrooms with durable window treatments.

- Love the look of wood but afraid of how it might react to moisture? EverWood Renditions blinds have a wood-look but offer protection against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing in heat or humidity. Select from popular white finishes or wood-grain styles.

- Windows next to the tub or shower can be problematic to cover, but Palm Beach polysatin shutters are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolour regardless of extreme heat or moisture. To open and close the TruView shutters, simply tilt one louver and the rest will follow.

We've been helping customers with Design solutions since 1917. We can coordinate your Hunter Douglas Window treatments with custom upholstery and colour match the perfect Benjamin Moore paint to complete the look.